Linnea Slipsager

Workshop Overview

Use the WORKSHOP OVERVIEW FOLDER to keep track of the different planned practicalities, agreements, links and important information on the different workshops that are taking place at Mediamatic. 



You can use the workshop overview for: 

Date, Place, Time So we are all clear about that 
Status  Is it confirmed from Mediamatic and the Tutor 
Amount of tickets sold + tickets sales link to participant  Easy aces to the updated amount of tickets sold to your workshop 
Assistant Who will assist and when
Assistant time When is the assistant needed 
Contact information To the stakeholders 
Shortcuts to ---> 
Pre email (See or edit the email that will be sent out before the workshop ) 
Post email (See or edit the email that will be sent out after the workshop)
Assistant checklist (What is the assistant tasks) 
Handout  (That will be ready given to the participants in the workshops) 
Pictures  (A folder of pictures we can use for promotion)
Promo text  (Text that is being used to promote the workshop on Social Media) 
Workshop Description (On the website)