Auguste Macenaite

Postponed Odorama

What to do if you have to postpone Odorama?

Something happened and now you have to postpone an Odorama? It's an unfortunate situation but do not worry! Start with the steps on this page and everything will be extra prepared now that you have additional time to organize the event.

When you have to postpone an Odorama, you instantly have to adjust some communication things, so that your audience is informed about what it going on. There are three platforms to consider:

1. Stager

Go on stager --> select the Odorama event --> change the date

Note: if you change the date of the event of stager, the ticket link also changes!

After you adjust the event on stager, send emails to all the people who bought tickets already and suggest 2 options: refund or to keep the ticket for the postponed event (mention the new date).

2. Facebook

Go to your Facebook event --> adjust the date

People will get a notification that the event date has been changed.

Also, make a post on the event feed about the event being postponed.

3. Mediamatic Website

Go onto the event page and do the following:

  • In front of the event title write POSTPONED!!!, for example, POSTPONED!!! Odorama 43: Happiness
  • Later on, delete the word postponed in the title
  • Adjust the event date to the new one