Nour Akoum

Aroma Lab's Kids Workshop

Fruity Birthday Cake version

Need a way to show kids how to make their own Fragrance but in a fun and relatively easy way? Here is your solution!


Kids carefully listening to how a fragrance is composed - Nour explaining how to compose a perfume in a fun and easy way that kids like and understand.

Met: Nour Akoum

Mainly the event will be done in 2 parts.

1- Scent Guessing Game: where you will chose a selection of ingredients that are relevant to the final composition but also, close to kids memories and experiences. Once you have those selected raw materials, you shoud have matching pictures so, that kids can guess and match the smell 

2- Perfume mix: ideally, with kids it's better to have an already prepared formulation. You explain the balance behind the formula and if they would like to remove some ingredients to have their own touch it can also be possible. The end result will be their perfume given in a cute 2mL perfume atomizer.