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Sex Object

Performance by Lydia Schouten

"Lydia Schouten’s performance piece Sexobject 1979 explores the connotations of being a sex object. The performance starts off with lot’s of willpower from Lydia  to whip the phrase “how does it feel to be a sex object” with balloons filled with paint above.

The aim is to whip the balloons and the phrase until the phrase cannot be seen. During the performance Lydia seems to be overcome with exhaustion from resisting against the webbed contraption she’s stuck in and let’s out cries of exhaustion."


Sexobject performance, 1979
metal frame with rubber bands and leather corset
Whipping to balloons, filled with black ink
Timespan: 30 min.
Galerie Felison, Velsen, Holland,
Project Arts Centre, Dublin, Ireland