Olga Middendorp, Barbara van Ittersum, vincent boschma, Melanie Bonajo
Alle rechten voorbehouden
2016 x 1512 Download

Cruising by Melanie Bojano & AKINCI with friends DRAGA DINA & OLIEBOL

Presented at ART BAR KIPPY, a cuddle coven pussy with singing clitorises

The Cruising series is about having the freedom to connect in a sexual, sensual and lovely way. Cuddly and skin friendly. This place is therefore untainted by shame, guilt and penance. Yet Cruising is also referring to cruising to a new future. Where we are going to occupy other places. Both in an ethical and physical way.

The series is an allusion to outdoor areas, to parks and trees and forests and plants. Which can have a sexual charge. By a specific gender among us, this space is used very often. Yet not at all by others

Photo credits: Olga Middendorp, Barbara van Ittersum and Vincent Boschma.