Fredrik Link

Workshop Assistant Checklist

How to be a workshop assistant at the Open Costume Lab

Checklist for being an Assistant:

  • Get out at least two sewing machines and plug and place them on the table (Diagrams of how to thread these on this collection) 
  • Get a kettle from the dry storage and fill it with hot water and place on a table in the costume lab 
  • grab some mint from aquaponics and some tea bags from the staff collection by the coffee corner. and place them by the kettle 
  • get two jugs of water and glasses from the bar one with Mint and one with nothing and place by the kettle for participants to help themselves 
  • Get the stager App on your phone and log in and be ready to scan tickets 
  • Turn on the bluetooth speaker and turn on the Open Costume Lab Spotify playlist (Feel free to add some relevant music) link here:
  • hand out the statement questionnaire to participants to fill in and ask them to fill out the back at the end of the session
  • Go around and ask participants if they need any assistance on how to get started.
  • Be ready to assist Anouk or Kristin with any tasks

Clean Up:

Pack up and Put away all the sewing machines on the shelves. 

- Organising all the used materials and tools, placing them in the right boxes so it all stays organised.

- Storing the sewing machine’s

- Return the kettle to the dry storage

- Return the two water jugs and glasses to the bar

- Return all cups & tea to the coffee corner

- Make sure all the machine's are turned off (for instance iron, heat press, glue guns) and stored. 

- Make sure all the windows are closed when leaving the Costume Lab.