Urban Biotope

A Monthly Photo Contest

Experience the intersection of nature and the city life in Amsterdam through our monthly photo contest. Discover and show off the hidden gems within Amsterdam's urban biotope. How does nature integrate with the urban landscape? 


urban biotope _2.jpg -


Capture the beauty of nature seamlessly integrating with urban surroundings and be entered for the chance to win a Bon worth up to 50€.

1st place = 50€

2nd place = 25€

3rd place = 10€

With the Bon. you have the freedom to spend it on what you like. You can attend a workshop, lecture, or use it at our restaurant. The Bon. is worth more than you spend on it. 

90 = 75 euros

60 = 50 euros 

30 = 25 euros

10 = 8 euros

Need more inspiration? Come visit Mediamatic and Dijkspark!


  • Share a photo showcasing urban biotopes on your Instagram; tag us in your post, story, or direct message
  • Open to participants using any device 
  • Participation is free
  • Submit your entry but the end of the month (March 31st)

We will be selecting three winners by the end of the month. 

Good Luck!