The Usual Suspects 3

Art of the non-lecture

31 mrt 2009
31 mrt 2009

The third Usual Suspect in our series is something of an institution: Judith Butler will, in absentia, present the possibilities and limitations of reiterating Feminist positions in a moment of the supposedly post-political. The temporal conditions of artistic and curatorial practice require a certain agility in the performance of feminist approaches to them. Where is the place of personal politics under the usual umbrellas?


The Usual Suspects, Art of the non-lecture! -

You are invited to participate in a parting tribute to the current de Appel premises - 10 Nieuwe Spiegelstraat, Amsterdam - before they hand over the keys on Tuesday the 31st of March, 2009, at 18.00 hours. Over refreshments and snacks, our non-guest Judith Butler will aid us in reflecting on de Appel’s legacy, dominated by female performances of authority, initiative and creativity – using these moments to reposition feminisms in the realm of the institutional and the individual.

The Usual Suspects is a series of tongue-in-cheek (intellectually sound) non-lectures conceived to challenge the cult of personality and aloofness in the creative field, and to provide a platform for both experienced and upstart critical thinkers to exchange knowledge. This series uses the spectres of the usual suspects and the areas of research associated with their various oeuvres as a starting point for generating new conversations.

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