Naohisa Ohta


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Professor Naohisa Ohta, Director of Research Institute for Digital Media and Content, Keio University

Naohisa Ohta joined NTT Laboratories in 1978 where he researched and developed signal processing algorithms for audio-video communications and highly parallel DSP systems and architectures. He joined Sony in 1998 and directed R&D on AV transmission with QoS for real-time applications, scalable coding for high-quality digital cinema, extra realty video creation technologies, and personalization technologies, etc. as a President of Broadband Applications Laboratories from 2002 to 2004. He is currently a Professor of Research Institute for Digital Media and Content of Keio University, Japan. An IEEE Fellow, he authored over 90 papers and three books, participated in editorial boards of several IEEE publications, and presented as a Distinguished Lecturer of SP Society. Having organized many COMSOC technical conferences, he served as a Director, AP region, COMSOC. Currently he serves as a Member at Large of Board of Governors in IEEE ComSoc.

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