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Laurin Herr is President of Pacific Interface, Inc., an international consulting company, and organizer of the CineGrid International Workshop.

He was previously vice president for strategic development within Pinnacle Systems' Professional Media Division, where he played an integral role in the integration of the Truevision and Pinnacle Systems desktop product lines.

Herr brings more than 25 years of experience as a product strategist, consultant and programmer to Pinnacle Systems. Previously, Herr held senior management positions at Truevision, Radius and SuperMac Technology during periods of rapid growth of the desktop publishing and desktop video markets.

He has also worked in the television production industry for 20 years as a producer/director of broadcast and industrial programs in Japan and the United States.

Herr wrote, produced and hosted a series of five critically acclaimed video reports about computer graphics technology and market trends published in the ACM SIGGRAPH Video Review between 1987 and 1992.

Laurin Herr has spoken in front of international audiences on topics such as HDTV, desktop production of digital media, applications of image-intensive informatics, digital archiving, computer graphics, and immersive virtual reality. He is the author of several in-depth market studies, most recently on the topic of digital cinema.

From 1982-1992, Herr was the official ACM SIGGRAPH liaison to Japan and served on the board of directors of the National Computer Graphics Association (NCGA) from 1988-1989. After receiving his Bachelor of Arts degree from Cornell University in 1972, Herr -- who is fluent in Japanese -- pursued additional graduate studies at Cornell and in Tokyo at Sophia University.

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