Ingrid Kluvers

DurIng the last 6 years Ingrid Kluvers was editor in chief of the largest Dutch tweens weekly Tina. She turned the magazine into a crossmedial platform with a succesfull site, books, albums, events (Tinadag), games, ringtones, sms, msn, etc. Kluvers believes in the necessity of the synergism of the different mediatypes.

The game was based on her idea/dream and succesfully and creatively developed together with Pixelpixies (Eric Klok and Yvonne Teuben). It was sponsored for 4 years by ABN AMRO, NZO ( Dutch Dairy org.), Dutch Navy, Compagny of Foreing Books, etc. For Sanoma (Dutch leading publisher ) it is still the only profitable internet-activity and it got several awards Mecur.nl2002, AMMA nomination 2003 and the Golden SpinAward 2004.

Ingrid started last month her own business as creative advisor and coach of multimedia projects.

Ingrid is participant of Craftworld: The art of television and gaming. On thursday, september 28th there will be the third workshop in a series of three aimed at combining and agligning the power of gaming and television.

Ingrid is a member of the jury for the Cross Media Award.

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