Nils Große

Flexible thinker with open eyes and an open mind.

During his last two years at university, Nils Große focused mainly on film and animation. He started with short animations and video clips, always using one technique at a time. Each clip was primarely about figuring out the possibilities of a certain technique. After Nils mastered the techniques, he started to pay more attention to the concept and story behind his work. For his final examination, Nils wrote a non-linear story about situations that appear to be ordinary or everyday and coloured them in an analytic but poetic way. Nils focused on the cinematic aspect to visualise it and used animations and special effects only to support the story.

Nils likes the idea of becoming a director. Writing concepts and stories, publishing his inner ‘pictures’ and making substantial progress is probably the most beautiful and satisfying work he can imagine. Professionally Nils is looking for variety, challenges and interchanging ideas with other creative minds. Motion titles, music videos, commercials, short films and animations - these are the things he loves making.

Nils Große first attended a design-school in Essen (DE), to learn all the basics in graphic, photographic and interactive programs. During this period he became very enthusiastic about photography, and decided to study it. For the last three years Nils has been studying Art and Crossmedia-design in Enschede. His study first focused mainly on photographic design and video- and interactive design. Later he concentrated more on film and animating.

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