Marthe Jonkers

Visual Game Designer

Marthe Jonkers’ passion lies in the visual aspects of game design: drawing and designing compelling characters, environments and worlds. To develop this passion, Marthe travelled to Japan in the third year of her training, to study Comic Art (Manga) for one semester. Japan was amazing and inspiring, but when she returned home, she was equally surprised by the beauty of the Netherlands. It sparked the idea for her graduation project; a completely hand-drawn adventure game about Dutch folklore. An intense research project into colour principles was applied to this game to lift the visuals to a higher level. Her current goal is to further develop and publish the game and show that any culture can be a perfect source of inspiration for an enchanting video game.
In the future, Marthe hopes to create games in the particular 2D style of her graduation project, based on different cultures. Her love for Japan has not weakened, and one day she hopes to return to the gamers’ paradise to further develop and practice her skills as a game artist.

Marthe Jonkers recently graduated in Game Design and Development at the Utrecht School of the Arts. Her love for different cultures, folklore and mythology forms an endless source of inspiration for her videogames. Before studying in Utrecht, Marthe obtained her Master of Arts degree in Ancient Cultures at the VU University Amsterdam.


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