Fiona van de Geijn

I am a student Industrial Design at Eindhoven Technical University.

For my internship I work at Waag Society and Fablab where one of my focus points is working on energy generating prototypes.

Besides my study I worked as a dancing and spinning instructor. I designed and developed a new core-training program with a three dimensional exercise machine which is now given in several gyms in the Netherlands and Belgium. I also organize many activities, like university information activities.

My interests are very broad. I like music and dance. But also art and design are some of my passions. I like to make beautiful objects, but also intelligent products. The main focus of my projects is the user. For example my project exposed at the Design on Wheels show at the Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven. Or LEX, the special children’s drawing tool which uses the movements the children make while drawing to express their emotions in the drawing.

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