Jessica Greenwood

Deputy Editor, Contagious Magazine

Jessica is Contagious’ Deputy Editor, covering the entire spectrum of the most innovative, effective and non-invasive strategies and campaigns in marketing, branding, design, technology and pop culture. She is a regular speaker at new marketing conferences, and has helped to build the Contagious consultancy, offering advice and insight to a number of clients from both agencies and advertisers.

Contagious exists to simplify and to advise. It is the global marketing industry’s early warning system; an intelligence resource for those attempting to stay ahead of all this change. Contagious’ audience comprises both local and multinational advertisers, as well as creative directors, strategic planners, CEOs and new business directors from communications companies around the world.

Jess spent a stint teaching music in France and Italy before returning to London to work as a music producer. One more career change landed her in the advertising industry as Editor of The Reel (a monthly publication showcasing the best global creative in advertising, music videos and short films), before helping to launch the award winning Contagious in December 2005.

Jess is fluent in Italian and French, and is a self-confessed Internet junkie.