Tomi Ahonen

Mobile Guru, Strategy Consultant, Author: Mobile as the 7th Mass Media

Tomi Ahonen is a bestselling author with a focus on telecommunications and technology. He is also a well-known independent consultant and motivational speaker in the converging areas of mobile telecoms, internet, media, advertising, credit and banking, social networking and virtual reality. Ahonen is co-inventor of several patents in the mobile telecoms industry, serves on the boards of several innovative high tech companies, and is a founding member or co-founder of the Wireless Watch, Engagement Alliance, Carnival of the Mobilists, Every Single One of Us and Forum Oxford.

Ahonen is a thought-leader in the mobile industry and considered the global authority on making money with new wireless services. He is the father of several of the industry's most used theories, tools and concepts, including the Hockey Sticks Theory, Connected Age concept, Generation-C for Community and the 7th Mass Media taxonomy.

He has been quoted in over 300 publications including the Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, Business Week, and Economist as well as multiple books, and also appears regularly on TV. He writes several columns and articles for industry press every year, and also blogs at

Ahonen has written 6 books on mobile telecommunications technology. His most recent full-length book, Mobile as 7th of the Mass Media (2008), uncovers why mobile is the best, fastest, and most compelling medium for engaging with audiences than with any of the previous six media, including the Internet. In 2009 Tomi Ahonen released a series of eBooks, focused on case studies in Mobile Advertising and Mobile Social Networking.

Prior to focusing on lecturing and consultancy, Ahonen held various positions at Nokia, including head of their 3G Research Centre and later head of Nokia's Global 3G Business Consultancy Department. He was also employed by Elisa Corporation, Finnet International, OCSNY and Financo Inc.

Tomi Ahonen holds an MBA in International Finance from St John's University NY and a bachelor’s degree in international marketing. He currently resides in Hong Kong.