Breaking Boredom | كسر الملل (ar) (en)

Participants: Enjy Aly, George Azmy, Hani Mahfouz, Ibrahim Eslam, Mahmoud Hamdy, Mofa

Curated by: Ahmed Foula

Far from the consumptive aspect, which is closely connected to the nature of the field of graphic design as one of the applied arts, this project is based on exploring new design approaches that depends on the coincidence in its construction; 6 Graphic designers participated in this project to create 12 designs according to particular rules that differs from the traditional thought patterns.

(Breaking Boredom) is a project that relies on the idea of “Exquisite Corpse”* game, which was invented in 1925. The rules of the game were used to generate a succession of designs, as each participant will use the endpoint created by the previous designer to start his contribution. Each design consists of four consecutive contributions.

ُThis project is funded by "h|m|d studio" and "MAGAZ design magazine".
www.hmd.com.eg | www.magazmagazine.com