Previously on view in the Amsterdam Biennale:

Amsterdam Architecture Pavilion

DUS Architecten

From October 17 2009 to January 3 2010 at the Amsterdam Biennale 2009 at Mediamatic.

Traditionally, the architecture pavilion has been a typology of architecture in its purest form, intended for sheer pleasure.

User manual:
1. Insert a reasonable amount of money in the coin slot.
2. Take out one cup.
3. Search for the unsealed box in the pavilion.
In case the box is empty, open the box with the successive number.
4. Tap.
5. Enjoy!


In the Door of Amsterdam Pavilion - The Amsterdam Architecture Pavilion, curators: DUS Architects. Oct 17 - Jan 3 2009/10, in the Amsterdam Biennale at Mediamatic. Raphael Rehbach

The 2009 Amsterdam Architecture pavilion is a low-tech utopian gaze in the future of Amsterdam urban environments, envisioned by DUS: Referring to history (the known Dutch tradition of ‘food from the wall’) and future (interactive façade-making), the influence of Islamic ‘jali’ ornamentation and the ideals of Modernism and Grand Master planning. In practice, by building a Berlin-style self-sufficient ‘Weinerei’ DUS wants to test if it is possible to facilitate the informal and temporal in Amsterdam. Let’s have a drink and exchange thoughts!