Christian van 't Hof

Presentation onThursday morning: "Forget privacy, just manage your identity" during session "The privacy paradox in social media"

People are increasingly aware their virtual identity represnts an important trade value. By telling systems who we are, we receive discounts, security, service and new friends. Meanwhile, the privacy paradigm has brought us nothing but complicated legal constructs and unreadable licence agreements, while we still don’t know who is doing what with our personal data. Van ’t Hof therefore promotes a new conception of Identity Management: how to consiously influence the image information systems to your advantage. The concept is illustrated by two devices: the “Privacy Coach” matching personal preferences to marketing efforts and “Google Earth Live” – which speaks for itself.

Christian van ’t Hof has a background in sociology and electrical engineering and works as a senior researcher at the Rathenau Institute in The Hague.

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