Jan Reineke

During his studies at AKI ArtEZ the Enschede Academy of Visual Arts, Jan Reineke developed a growing interest in animation. Jan started animating the classical way with hand drawn stop-motion animations, or by using figures made from clay and similar techniques. He then started to mix different techniques and combined hand made animations with computer techniques and graphics. He has worked professionally for clients such as the Dutch broadcast station RTL4 and department store de Bijenkorf.

When Jan works on a project he likes to be involved in both the early stages of concept development and the practical execution. He sees himself working for a small design agency, taking a lot of responsibility for the projects he works on, helping out with all aspects of the work. Jan is interested in working with a variety of techniques and prefers diversified tasks. He also wants to work closely together with other people, to ensure a variety of input in the development of an idea.

After high school Jan Reineke moved to Enschede to study at the AKI ArtEZ the Enschede Academy of Visual Arts. After the first year Jan decided to focus on Art & Crossmedia Design for the rest of his studies. He specialised in Video & Interactive Design. Jan Reineke did his internship at the Motion Graphics Design Agency HollandCentraal, Hilversum. He graduated in July 2009.

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