Tom Geraedts

Motion Designer

Motion Designer from the Netherlands

Tom’s aim is to reach his audience at an emotional level. He is fascinated by perception, consciousness and reality; he tries to make his work visually attractive and challenging. After working in New York and the Netherlands Tom now feels he has gained the experience to rock the industry! Tom’s first short film Eros is about the different layers of reality and people’s interpretation. How is the perception of a blind person different from yours? How would someone who can’t see visualise desires and needs? Eros tries to discover the role of imagination in a subtle blend of animation, film and music.

One day Tom wants to direct big projects like music videos, concert visuals and commercials. Until than he just wants to get better at what he does by animating and designing more motion graphics. He is anxious to work with live-action footage and blend these images with his own graphics and animation. He loves to work with enthusiastic people and hopes many great projects will cross his path.

Tom Geraedts has always been excited about new media and its possibilities. He started designing websites, then made graphics and later, during his study Communication and Multimedia Design, also Motion Graphics. During his studies at Avans Hogeschool, University of Applied Sciences in Breda he had the opportunity to engage in multiple disciplines such as multimedia design, sound design, animation, graphic design, producing and directing.

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