Previously on view in the Amsterdam Biennale: suat ogut

Istanbul Pavilion

The Istanbul pavilion is composed of art works that evaluate the geographical identity structure in Turkey and the classifications of cultural diversity caused by political pressure. Open from 14 November 2009 till 3 January 2010 as a part of the Amsterdam Biennale at Mediamatic.

Curator: Suat Ögüt. Artists: Fırat Bingöl - Mehmet Ögüt - Suat Ögüt


Building the Istanbul pavilion with Suat Ogut. - Curator of the Istanbul pavilion in the Amsterdam Biennale 2009 at Mediamatic. The pavilion is open from 14 Nov - 3 Jan 2009/10. Raphael Rehbach

Met: suat ogut

Fırat Bingol 's video, Vacuum Cleaner, a man starts to tell his life story in Kurdish by muttering in an uncomfortable way. Suddenly the metal funnel of a vacuum cleaner intervenes as if sweeping the man’s head and dazzles him. When he restarts to express himself the vacuum cleaner interferes again. The rhythm accelerates more and more and the man tries to talk as if shouting at the top of his voice.

Mehmet Ögüt ’s first video work from his “Black Cube” series shows a fight between a civilian and a police. Clothes, that are a kind of an indicator of cultural identity or a uniform, reflect the conflict between the power and the ‘other’. The roles change as the costumes change.

Suat Ögüt 's sound work "Safety Guide"; At Istiklal Street, renowned as 'one of the most important streets of civilization', the notions of art, trade, freedom and entertainment have been increasing and expanding to cover more and more ground everyday, sustaining a habitat consisting of various different resident profiles.

Sound work "Safety Guide" tells the stories of the owners of small businesses that play supporting roles on this vast stage. Following a pre-determined route with the directions of a guide, events that were witnessed by the shopkeepers on that same route are being told.
On the audio tour, the shopkeepers from electricians to tailors, on street pilaf rice vendors to textile merchants at Istiklal Street's most busy sidetrack Balo Street evaluate Istanbul through a paranoid tongue.
(That project was exhibited by C.U.M.A Organization in Istanbul.)

“Consumption Practices” is a video work shot in Profilo shopping mall in Istanbul. It provides multiple options for the public from shopping to entertainment with clothing shops and restaurants. The movements dispersed into the shopping mall reflect the condition of the consumer as an advertisement product.

About the curator: Suat Öğüt (1985) is an artist from Turkey who lives en works in Istanbul. He participated in various (group)exhibitions.

About Firat Bingöl: Works as an art trainer -voluntarily and professionally -with NGOs since 2000 and since 2008 works as the project coordinator of a social responsibility project with the students of IELEV and Rotary Bölge Vakfı Özel İlköğretim Okulu (school for hearing impaired students). He continues his works on painting, video and photography in Istanbul.