A_C_N Contemplation

Environment, Site-specific instsallation / Fort Ruigenhoek , Utrecht, 2008

11 mei 2008
22 jun 2008

This site-specific installation by Mu was built up in one of the rooms in 19c monumental architecture Fort Ruigenhoek /Utrecht. During 11.May to 22.June 2008, it opened to public on every Sundays.

The room provide an environment for visitors to temporarily forget the daily matters, and raise their interest of discovering the abandoned internal space. This work suggests to human natural of being innocent and complex as the universe where we are inhabiting in.

With special thanks to: Mark Kremer, Giorgi Tabatadze, Adam Beni, Sjored Kelderman, and Remo Banning from Eiso Bergsma BV.


A_C_N Boy - Iron, wood, plexiglass, textile,polyester, illumination size: #1: 350 x 450 x 450 cm #2:350 x 500 cm #3: 350 x 500 cm * 5