Patrick Strating

Dr. Patrick Strating is senior scientist at the Telematica Instituut. He has been working on various topics related to business networks. His main topics of interests are business architectures in the context of open business networks, enterprise modelling and innovation.

Since 2006, Patrick Strating is Program Director of Freeband (, a Dutch national research program that binds 30 Dutch companies and knowledge institutions in a 5-year research and development program on intelligent communication solutions.

In the past years, Patrick Strating was expertise group leader of the Telematica Instituut expertise group on Service Architectures. This groups covers research and innovation topics in the areas of Service Orientation, Enterprise Architectures, Business Process Management and Model Driven Development.

He has been active in various research and consultancy projects, and has given courses in business process innovation, business process modeling and engineering, quantitative analysis and (business) Service Orientation.

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