book: William Robinson 1 jan 1870

Mushroom Culture

Its extension and improvement

William Robinson's mushroom culture book is a complete source of information on the culture of mushrooms.


Cover Mushroom Culture: Its extension and improvement - Author: William Robinson, 1870. Part of the Paddestoelen Paradijs Library.

This book is very vital for learning about the cultivation and growth of mushrooms, both on a small scale in private gardens and on a larger scale in agriculture and industry. Robinson teaches the reader about how to prepare the substrate on which mushrooms can grow, how to collect and use the mushroom spawn, and how to grow mushrooms in a wide range of different structures and environment. This book also espouses the importance of eating mushrooms and putting them into the national diet, which is still something that is being worked on today. The book is filled with very useful illustrations and techniques that will help even the most amateur mushroom cultivator become an expert in no time.