Kim Phu

Heat Applied Vinyl

For textiles such as T-shirts


eatthebunnyshirt.jpg - Pierre's multi-layered heat applied vinyl shirt made by keempoo. Kim Phu

Where to buy

A test run of heat applied vinyl was purchased at the same place we currently buy our rolls of sticker vinyl:
+31 850 2897

Poli-flex Premium €7.80 p/m
Minimum Order = 1 meter
Width = 50cm
Colors available
Samples of the poli-flex colors are available in the office by the other vinyl swatches

Poli-Flex Perform €62.50 p/10m
Minimum Order = 10 meters
Width = 50cm
Colors available
Samples of the poli-flex colors are available in the office by the other vinyl swatches

Poli-Flock €13.25 p/m (one application)
Minimum Order = 1 meter
Colors available

Typical Kinds of Heat Applied Vinyl:

All brands of heat applied vinyl comes in different variations. The names are not standard, but the actual types don't vary that much.

Cad-Cut: Any kind of heat applied vinyl.

Standard: ("Premium", "Flex", etc.) This is your typical heat applied vinyl

Thin version of standard: ("Perform", "Film", etc.) This is a thin version of the standard vinyl which typically comes in the same color palette as the standard vinyl, however the thinner version is suggested for one time use and is cheaper.

Image or patterened: Standard vinyl with a wacky image or pattern like glitter or camouflage.

Flock: A textured, velvet-like adhesive that can either come as one piece which can be cut out and applied directly to the t-shirt, or as two pieces (glue roll and flocking sheets) where the glue is first cut out and applied to the tshirt, then the flocking ironed on top.

Other Vocabulary Terms

Full list of terms here.

Flex –Regular heat vinyl transfer for textiles.

CAD-CUT®- Common industry term referring to a rolled good that is run through a vinyl cutter. CAD-CUT® can be heat applied to many different types of fabrics. Syn.Heat Applied Film, Heat Applied Vinyl

Hand- The feel of a transfer once it is applied to a substrate. Typically referred to as “Soft” or “Stiff”.

Heat Applied Vinyl – Typically a rolled good, Heat Applied Vinyl is a material run through a vinyl cutter to create heat transfers. Syn. CAD-CUT®

Heat Press- A machine that is made to seal a transfer onto a substrate using accurate Time, Temperature and Pressure. Heat presses come in various models and sizes.

Clamshells. Typical sizes are 11×15, 16×16 and 16×20. Heat presses are also made for application onto Caps and Mugs. Syn. Heat Seal Machine, Heat Transfer Press

Mirrored – A reversed image, usually with the help of a Design Software. Mirrored images are usually used with Heat Applied Vinyls and Transfer Paper for light goods.

Weeding – The process of removing excess material from a cut Heat Applied Material transfer.




Vinyl cutting & Heat Press

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