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Amsterdam Takas Pazarı - Exchange Bazaar

Amsterdam Takas Pazarı - Exchange Bazaar Exchange Bazaars became very popular in Turkey after the Gezi protests. It became a kind of symbol of the new life style which Gezi protesters suggest. That's why it is very meaningful to organize this event and call it Takas Pazarı not just Exchange bazaar or Ruilmarkt. People will meet each other and spend a day together by talking to each other, make music, eat, drink and at the end take what ever you need regardless what you bring. The aim is bringing many people together and having the great experience of solidarity. Here is the invitation text for the event: The Gezi protests didn’t only stay at being against things, but also demonstrated the beauty and power of humanity, solidarity, friendship and helping each other without expecting anything in return. In these times in which everything is about money, power and profit we would like to invite you to the Exchange Bazaar where you won’t need all of that! Only friendship, support and solidarity count. This all without buying and selling, profits and check books. At the Amsterdam Exchange Bazaar you can bring anything you don’t use or need, anything you would like to give to someone in need. Our friends/colleagues will assist you in this. After this you can stroll around the market, have a chat, listen to music, and at the same time choose the things you would like to have. You can take anything you want, whatever you need, without asking! It does not matter who brings and takes what. If you don’t have anything to offer you could even contribute with some food and drinks we could share. However, there is absolutely no obligation to bring something! The Amsterdam Exchange Bazaar will at the same time be a a place where we can have an enjoyable day in a warm and comfortable environment. A nice day with space for chatting, listening to live music, even perhaps singing, and eating and drinking together. We will start the day at 10.00 am with a breakfast we will prepare together. Everyone will bring something to eat with them and we will naturally share our food. Tea is on us. At 11.00 am we will start our market together! For children there will also be a suitable space. You can take your children with you without any hesitation. In fact, they might have more fun than you. If you could take something to eat and drink with you that we could share with each other this day at the Market will be even more enjoyable. See you on September 7th! Ps- this organization does not support any other purpose than the one mentioned above.