9 reasons to visit Drone Camping this last week

Today marks the start of the last week of Drone Camping at Mediamatic Fabriek.


Visitors at Drone Camping exhibition - Irati

For six weeks we have showcased the immense sculptures of Rob Sweere, the apocalyptic landscape of James Cauty and Sarah van Sonsbeeck's Anti Drone Tent.
The exhibition space was also used as a drone playground and free-flying zone on Saturdays. Here drone pilots could fly their drones and visitors could come and check out the aerial action.

As we enter our last week, here are 9 reasons to visit the expo before it closes

1 We are located in an amazing 19th century factory building in Amsterdam. Mediamatic Fabriek is part of the Van Gendthallen - we occupy two monumental halls - one clean and crisp, the other raw and edgy, both with sky-high ceilings and a unique feel.

2 Our exhibition space has some unique measurements. With a total of 9000 cubic meters, we have the capacity to show some works which wouldn't fit in most galleries. This gives us the opportunity to show Rob Sweere's gigantic, inflatable sculpture Vortex.


Drones and their pilots - Drone Pilots and their devices flying around at Drone Camping Jans Possel

3 If you own a drone, or any other aerial vehicle, this Saturday between 13.00 and 15.00 is your last chance to fly in a 9000 cubic meter exhibition space. Drone pilots come in for free!

4 Always wanted to know how it feels to be a classical sculpture? Now you can! Put on one of Rob Sweere's Instamatic headpieces, take a picture and share yourself as an artwork.


The Aftermath Dislocation Principle disaster tour 5 - Irati

5 James Cauty's The Aftermath Dislocation Principle will be heading back to the UK after this week. So if you want to check out this incredibly detailed and darkly humurous work, you better get over here.

6 Come and meditate, relax and unwind with Rob Sweere's Drone 2.0, an artwork that emits a constant sound (or drone!) made by sound designer Mark F. Wellink, based on the artist his own voice.


Anti Drone Tent - Sarah van Sonsbeeck's Anti Drone Tent Image courtesy of De Nederlandsche Bank & Annet Gelink gallery Amsterdam

7 Get a glimpse of the possible future of camping with Sarah van Sonsbeeck's Anti Drone Tent. This tent is an example of how you can hide from military drones. The material makes it impossible for them to scan your heat signature.

8 Curious visitors can get a sneak peek of our upcoming Kunstformen der Natur exhibition, because we are testing lightning and prints in a small corner of our space. But don't tell anyone - it's a secret!

9 Besides all the artworks we also serve some nice food and drinks in our bar. We have several snacks, including sausages from Brandt & Levie, tasty drinks and friendly staff.