Round the Table: Art Schools Conspiracy

An open conspiracy to promote the development of Bio Art and Design educational programs

19 sep 2014

Mediamatic invites art schools, academies and other educational institutions for a round the table. This open discussion and thought exchange is about the position of bio-art, science and design in our educational system.


Aquaponics team explains during Stad van de Toekomst exhibition - Erik Diekstra

Artists and scientists increasingly work together in fruitful collaborations. The combination of arts and science have proven to be very important for innovation. However in education science and art are still very much separated. Why does not every art school offer an art and science program? How can art schools and scientific institutions collaborate? Where and how is this happening internationally and how do art schools in the Netherlands relate to this?

note participants are invited, but if you interested and want to know what is discussed you're very welcome to walk in!


How will designing with organisms change our perspective on art, design, food and beer? Find out at Bio-me. 3 Days of workshops, talks, tastings, Fermentology! and the expo Kunstformen Der Natur. This Round the Table is part of the Bio-me program. For further information on the complete program, visit

Friday 19th, 11:00
Mediamatic Fabriek, VOC-kade 10 (next to Roest) on the ground floor.