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Sun Blinds

Who fixes it and need to knows

We have automatic Sun Blinds attached to the main building. They are automated by light and windspeed sensor. If there is too much wind, the sun blinds should automatically go up.

Company: Westend Zonweringen-Rolluiken
T: '020 436 31 31'


A sunny day at Mediamatic Biotoop -

How it works

There are several controllers that decide if there is too much sun and if there is not too much wind.
You can find the controllers in the following locations:
1. In the panorama room (south side, middle) in the ceiling
2. 2nd floor on the east side (Willems room)
3. The small room on the west side (Goos' room)


sep 30 2016 motor rolluik kamer goos zit vast?
sep 30 2016 motor rolluik doet niets
sep 30 2016 zonwering goos uit rail
sep 30 2016 zonwering willem middel uit rail