De Levante

Since June 2006, there is a place in Amsterdam where you will not only find a wealth of knowledge about the modern oriental world, but where you can also experience the cultures of that world and see its artistic expressions.


De Levante logo - Source: Eduardo Pinillos

De Levante provides a unique contribution to the cultural exchanges between the Netherlands and the Oriental world in art, education and enterprise. De Levante has its roots in the desire to provide a more complete, realistic picture of this Oriental world, and new insights into these cultures that are often discussed, but very little known. De Levante is the only institution looking to provide a permanent platform for contemporary art and culture of the Oriental world. De Levante started developing her activities from a platform wishing to perform as a bridge between East and West and aims to expand into an international institute, in accordance with the traditional position of Amsterdam as a pioneer on the international cultural scene.

Contact informatie

  • De Levante
  • Hobbemastraat 28
  • 1071 ZC
  • Amsterdam
  • NL