Da-Tong China Desk

Organizer of Creative Crossing China & Europe on 28 sep in Engine Room

Da-Tong is the China Desk for Creative Industry. Da-Tong China Desk facilitates international collaboration between the creative industry in China and Europe. It aims to incorporate developments in creative practices from both China and Europe; and encourages parties from different background to form coalitions by embodying the common ground and notion.

As innovative cross-fertilizations of creative talent and industrial skills being essential, Da-Tong China Desk welcomes SME’s and creative individuals with creative talents to participate in projects with an international amplitude, and work with creative communities from different countries and diverse cultural background.

Da-Tong China Desk encourages the managers of SME’s to reflect on their inherent creative capacities and build a prospective corporate vision with an international outlook, and get inspired and benefited by creative differences to bring their development into a higher level.

Da-Tong China Desk focuses mainly on the realm of urban regeneration, architecture, entrepreneurial art as well as multimedia and cross media. It teams up with its select associates from Europe and China to initiate strategic collaborations, offers an extensible, two-way platform for the planning and hosting of creative partnerships.

The services: Da-Tong delivers are in the field of: identifying creative partners and projects in China and Europe, delivering field studies, hosting delegations, analyses of critical factors for enterprises, marketing of creativity and project management. Registered in the Netherlands, Da-Tong is located in the heart of Amsterdam and will soon open its branch office in Beijing. Da-Tong is also member of Created in China Industrial Alliance (CCIA), a non-governmental network organization responsible for the cultural development program of the 2008 Beijing Olympics. Da-Tong is partner of the “Created in China Industrial Cooperation Project”, a project initiated by CCIA which provides Chinese creative organizations and entrepreneurs with management training, investment consultancy and project evaluation services. The management team consists of Mr. Boudijn H. Uythof (Chairman) and Ms. Liu Yan (director).

Mr. Boudijn Uythof (Drs.) is an expert in international networking and strategic management. He is Specialized in the Information and Communication Technology in the residential setting: ICT@HOME or Smart Houses with a special interest in design, multimedia and architecture. He is currently the president of the Domotica Platform in the Netherlands, a network of national associations, companies,installers, and builders, among others and specialized in trend watching and strategic bridging. He was involved in several projects in Europe, the Middle East and China as a consultant and manager.In China he works closely with the European Union in the EU-China Information Society project, a joint initiative between the Government of China and the European Union. He studied political science,communication and drama at the University of Amsterdam and strategic management at the London Business School.

Ms. Liu Yan (M.A.) is an expert in arts management and strategic marketing. She has been guest lecturing in the subject of creative industry and clustering, arts marketing and audience development in several Chinese and Dutch art academies. She has worked as the lead researcher for the project “Creative Beijing” commissioned by the NHTV Breda University, and as an advisor for the China program of Dutch Electronical Arts Festival (DEAF). Prior to her career in art and culture sector, she worked six years in Shanghai as an account director of Pathways marketing consultancy. She studied Arts and Media management in Utrecht School of Arts in the Netherlands and holds a postgraduate diploma in marketing from Chartered Institute of Marketing (London).