Genomineerd voor de DOEN Pitch

Cities create artists.

Artists create cities.

Our organization's idea is to encourage cities and citizens to sponsor artists. So the artists get funding and create art to tell stories of cities.

Imagine Paris. Probably, you picture the art works, like, one of Monet's painting or the film 'Last Tango in Paris'. Now imagine Port Lligat.. A town became famous only after Dali's paintings.
Every city is known by artists works. Cities partly own part of their reputation to artists. When you think about Paris, Venice, Istanbul, you image sensational art works. So cities should provide financial and organization help to not only established but also new artists. As artists create image and reputation for the cities, the cities will help artists to mature their art and build identities made of cities.


claude-monet paris.jpg - Monet painting Boulevard des Capucines in Paris.

I want to develop an organization and a tool that will provide visibility and collaboration platform between artists and cities/cultures. Unknown artists are in need of visibility and opportunities. By the help of a collaboration platform, cities will reveal their hidden stories and provide financial support to these artists. Additionally, already famous artists will create art related to cities' cultures. So the cities build up their reputation.

Why? For world peace!
To help new artists and give them the chance to develop themselves. To create a hub for artists and cities from different regions of the world to collaborate and exchange cultures.

Artists: Newly emerging artists will find financial support and ideas to produce their art works and develop themselves.

Cities/Culture: The local cultures and cities will be reflected by the art pieces that are exhibited in museums, public spaces (in both virtual and real worlds). So the cultural awareness and exchange among cities/countries will increase.

The general public can freely follow the artist-city collaborations both on the web and on local festivals. The project's website will be interesting for public as there will be constant update of exhibitions and festivals.

Our organization will produce a web2.0 platform for artists and cities to display their ideas and stories with the world. The website will act as coordinator tool for artistic productions, and also as a portfolio catalog for artists and cities. Our platform can be a new form of information hub for artists, cities and funding grants to cooperate and collaborate.
This project can be linked with other fundraising - crowd funding organizations and websites. So the inhabitants can financially support their cities or other cities around the world. For example like Cinema Reloaded-project which is organized by Rotterdam International Film Festival. (Cinema-Reloaded seeks finance for the films through film lovers around the world in a crowd-funding plan coordinated through their dedicated web site.)

Today the museums seek fresh and novel art pieces which are culture and social related. The museums will like to provide financial and visibility support to our organization so they can also exhibit the art works.

Web2.0 provides smooth and fast dialog to the internet users. It also allows community building where people build trust-based relationships, display portfolios and share ideas.
Artists are always on the lookout of new ways and audiences to display their work and look for opportunities. Our novel web2.0 site will satisfy their needs and be a knowledge hub for everyone.

What assistance / expertise you need in the development of your project (plan)?
Need expertise and advise on building a sound business plan to apply for funding and business contacts. Need funding to start-up the organization, to build the website and to promote it.
Mediamatic Lab can help with the technical infrastructure of the website part.
We need the museums, festivals and city governments to collaborate and preferably give financial support.