The unlikely place of inspiration

Indonesian south-celebes sutra cloth seen from another perspektif


H&M 2008 summer collection bikini - couture perspective

So I was just walking this morning from Amsterdam station heading to post cs building my daily activity for the last 2 month and coming 3 month , doing a full time graduation project in ,new media institution, Mediamatic.

My attention got caught up with the model sultry gaze, warm lighting, exotic environment and very cool 2 pieces set, yet it seems very familiar yes its the sutra bugis pattern. well this is swedish giant fashion manufatur (just like IKEA but for fashion) summer 2008 collection, it borrows inspiration from indonesia yet they do not provide the slightest inclination that is originated from south celebes island, it's a pitty.

And its always in the packaging, how things is presented.and they say less is more, so feel free to argue....