Peter Robinett

anyMeta API

Application Programming Interface for anyMeta developers.

Welcome to the anyMeta API documentation. Here we'll teach you about the concepts behind anyMeta and how you can use its sophisticated systems to both extend an existing anyMeta system and to build entirely new and powerful mashups based upon the data in an anyMeta system. Hopefully you will come away from this with both the answers you need to implement your specific tasks and the inspiration to make cutting-edge systems that really leverage the advanced features of anyMeta.This document starts with general concepts and gets progressively more technical and specific. It's recommended that you start from the beginning, both so you have a strong foundation in the fundamental anyMeta principles and because later elements build upon earlier ones. Hopefully you will find the initial information easy to comprehend and useful even if you new to anyMeta, like perhaps evaluating whether anyMeta is the right system to use to achieve your high-level goals. If you're already an old anyMeta hand and an experienced programmer who knows what they're looking to achieve, you might want to jump to the API Methods section.