Interactive installation


Facts about you on the tea table

Drop your RFID tag in the teacup. You'll be surprised to find out what the iTea knows about you and your friends.


Lachen om de iTea - Bij de Mediamatic BANK. Simone Schoutens

How does the iTea work?

After you've dropped your RFID tag in the teacup, the iTea reads the RFID chip. It matches the information on your chip with your profile and performs a Google search on your name. Everything it finds out about you is thrown on the table...

The iTea was created during Mediamatic's Dev Camp 2007. It was used during Eurosonic Noorderslag 2011 in Groningen and during Creative City in 2009 at the Gashouder in Amsterdam. The table is a recurring hit during the exhibitions in Mediamatic Bank.