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Beauty parlour: Taking the work out of networking

17 Apr 2008
17 Apr 2008

The Digital Methods Initiative from the University of Amsterdam and the Foundation presented their latest project during the e-Fashion Salon: elfriendo. Elfriendo is based on research on social networking sites and digital representation in the age of the database.

elfriendo is a MySpace related service. It's designed for people who have no time to fill in a profile, or would like to save time blending in with other fans of a certain interest. You can use elfriendo to measure compatibility of profiles and interests, to make a profile based on your interests, or to have a profile makeover when you feel your profile is no longer properly representing you. The outcomes are suggested fields, ready for you to tweak and customize.

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Elfriendo is profilization - professionalizing, optimizing and automating your profile on MySpace, the world's largest social networking site. elfriendo keeps your profile active fresh.

√ Fill Me In: Generate a new profile from scratch.

√ Check Fit: Compare two users, or two interests, and check their compatibility.

√ Fit Me In: Get a profile makeover and blend in.

elfriendo is a project of the Foundation, Amsterdam, in collaboration with the Digital Methods Initiative, conducted at the Netherlands Media Art Institute, January 2008. It is the result of the Open Workspace, Space for People: Suggested Fields.