Eco has never been so sexy

18 Jul 2008
5 Oct 2008

ikikik! (me me me!) was all about DIY Fashion and showing yourself on the internet. An exhibition / upcycling / catwalking / photoshoot / coworking and storysharing fest that made you feel & look good on the street and on the net.

With this exhibition Mediamatic sounded the alarm on the drop in subsidies for e-culture. We were supported by the activist and fashion collective Andrea Crews from Paris, and the Leger des Heils ReShare.

Andrea Crews is a group of artists/ activists / fashion designers who are specialized in the spontaneous design of cheerful clothing from rags. With the help of all participants they transformed a huge pile of second hand clothing into fashion items.


Andrea crews fashion at Mediamatic - @ ikikik!

With: Andrea crews

Mediamatic BANK was the site of a huge pile of recycled clothing, sewing machines, shows, performances and workshops. The old ABN Bank at the Vijzelstraat 68 in Amsterdam was transformed into a World Fashion Centre.

Me me me! was an interactive exhibition on self-representation on the internet and fashion. On the far reaching consequences of modern communication, on our self image and the way we experience the world around us. The exhibition also highlighted our own cultural potential with a minimal ecological footprint. Poverty is ECO!

With the Andrea Crews Collective.

Workshops and DIY

What was there to see and do?
- Upcycle yourself workshops (every Wednesday and Saturday from 12.00 to 18.00)
- Professional catwalk — not just for models — workshop (every Saturday from 16.00 to 18.00))
- Make your own Nike workshop for kids (27 July, 3 and 24 August, free)
- Buy your retro basics for € 5,— per kilo. Cut and sew it on the working table. Wear your outfit and take photos
- Or buy a special Andrea Crews @ Mediamatic label at the bar for € 5,—. You can choose 2 pieces of clothes. Bring it to the assistant and s/he will make an outfit. Choose the Bi, the Sepkkpu or the Upside Down style.
- Get your special free 'ik' tag at the bar. Use it to make photos and catwalk video of yourself.

Everyone could take their new clothes home.

Opening hours

Ikikik! took place every Wednesday to Sunday from 12.00 to 20.00 hrs. Admission was free. We also had special programs. You can check them out right here.

Mediamatic doesn't take no for an answer

Mediamatic's survival was seriously threatened. A 66% cut in subsidies was looming for the institution that had successfully launched the Arabic El HEMA project. Despite a very positive advice of the national Council for Culture, Mediamatic was likely to stick to a subsidy of 229.000 euro, instead of the 666.000 euro that was originally advised by the Council for Culture.

But we didn't take a no for an answer and took direct action:
• On 28 and 29 June Mediamatic gave away all its books, and asked the public to take care of them (Distributed Library),
• For the new exhibition Mediamatic dresses the visitors in rags but teaches them to still look good
• We placed Google Ads on our website to practice cultural profit