1 Jan 1992

Mortal Kombat, Midway, 1992

So real it hurts!

The flyer for Mortal Kombat sported the daunting but promising text “So real it hurts!” The digital graphics combined with the rampant, bloody scenes turned Mortal Kombat into one of the most popular fighting games.


Mortal Kombat - 'So real it hurts!' Flyer Mortal Kombat. Dido Anna Reijntjes

Choose one of the seven exotic warriors and fight your way through this tournament. When you've beaten your opponent, but he's still standing, a trippy voice will ask you to "Finish him". This is the cue to make a so-called Fatality move. These moves were so bloody that they caused enormous controversy in the States. Even the American Congress was prompted to organize hearings dedicated to violence in computer games. A result of these hearings is the age limit category. Nonetheless, controversy also equals sales. Besides the many versions of Mortal Kombat that have been released, the game inspired numerous movies and a TV series. Register this last fact and then quickly forget it.