Machiel Veltkamp

ex atelier coördinator


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Digital media designer, gadget junkie and "handy guy" interested in the stories behind people and things..

Machiel Veltkamp was born on 29 December 1978 in Den Helder, Netherlands. Since 1996 he has studied, worked and lived in Utrecht. He studied for three years scenography at the Theatre Faculty of the Utrecht school of Arts. Afterwards which he switched to Design for Virtual Theatre and Games at the Theatre Faculty of the Utrecht school of Arts and graduated there in 2003 as Bachelor in Art and Technology. At the moment he is finalising his Master Digital Environment Design at the Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti in Milan, Italy.

His personal interests lies in the possibilities of the use of new media in theatre and installations where he wants to investigate the different relations a user or audience can experience through the use of digital media. The relation of a user or audience with it’s surroundings through design and different media elements have always triggered Machiel’s enthusiasm.

Machiel also gets his inspiration from daily life seeing people walking around him and wondering what kind stories they have in they’re head waiting to be told.

Furthermore Machiel is one of the four founders of which was founded in 2003 and is a development institution of new media for culture and innovation.

Machiel Veltkamp is working and learning continuously as a visual artist for himself, and a variety of clients creating a diverse range of projects.


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