Atari Tournament Table, 1978

One of the first multiplayer arcade games

The Tournament Table is basically a multigame arcade with several Pong variations. After inserting a coin, the player is prompted to choose one of the several games available. Breakout, Soccer (2 variations), Foozpong, Hockey (3 variations), Quadra Pong, Handball, or Basketball (2 variations).


Atari Tournament Table - One of the first multiplayer arcade games. Picture found on

November 1972, Andy Capps’ Pub, Sunnyvale, Californië. Visitors wonder what the weird sounds are that are coming from a table not previously there. At the end of the evening everyone has played a round of Pong. The next day there's a line in front of Andy Capps'. The table consisted of a black 'n white television set, the coin system from coin operated laundromats, and a milk carton that had been cut open (to catch the coins); it was an instant hit.

After seeing Magnavox Odyssey (the first console you could connect to your TV), Nolan Bushnell and Ted Dabney, running a then very young Atari, instructed their engineer Al Alcorn to program a tennis game.

We kindly thank Bonami for lending us the Tournament Table on display in the Arcade exhibition.