Free Radicals


11 Feb 2011

Schijnheilig has his first and unique chemical evening.


Vrije Radicalen Poster - Ontworpen voor een feestje in Galerie Schijnheilig, Amsterdam. bron

  • Make 2-second ice-cream (bring your own ingredients like cookies, fruit, candy or whatever you want in your ice cream!!) (Only between 20:00 and 21:00)
  • Lecturer of the year Jan van Maarseveen will teach you everything about radicals and the beauty of the periodic table.
  • Crazy experiments!
  • With suicidal gummy bears and how to change your 5 cent coins into gold
  • Quantum Experience with sexy students Arthur Newton and Jorrit Smit
  • Music!


Be on time: door closed = entry closed without discussion // please put bikes at the side of the canal or at the Raamplein