Cooking workshop at Nostalgia and Chaos

Empanadas ins and outs

1 Jan 2008
31 Dec 2008

All participants learned to make a typical Argentinean meal, and were given the chance to eat together and drink some good wine.

Camila Vossen told us some of the greatest secrets about the Argentinian kitchen, including how to make "empanadas"...

With ingredients such as flour, eggs, onions, cheese, olive oil and loads of other good foods, the 20 participants were given the opportunity to make some really tasty Argentinian dishes.

Most of them chose to make empanadas; little packets of dough, filled with all sorts of veggies, meat or fish. Shaped like a 'kaassoufflé', and with almost the same intentions as making Italian Ravioli. But then Argentinian style.

Chef Camilla Vossen made sure we weren't at a complete loss. Not only did she show us how to make the dishes, but also gave us a helping hand during the preparation and the actual cooking.

After a festive meal the after party kicked off with music and break dancing.


Nostalgia and Chaos at Mediamatic - Making empanadas