Kate Bush Party

'Come back Kate' pre-TV screening

11 Apr 2008
11 Apr 2008

In the documentary 'Come Back Kate' by Helena Muskens and Quirine Racké, die hard fans tell about their special bond with Kate Bush.


Filmstill Come Back Kate -

This event took place as part of the first TV screening in the Dutch documentary series Uur van de Wolf. The film was broadcast on Friday 11 april at 22.50 hrs on Nederland 2.

Mediamatic showed the film on a huge screen, and celebrated this with the Kate Bush YouTube Collection, the special Kate for Ever Cocktail by Debra Solomon, Kate Bush VJs and music by Kate Bush DJ 'All Out Kate'.

Everyone created their own Kate portrait or 'Wuthering Heights' video and they were directly published on the internet.

The directors Quirine Racké & Helena Muskens were the guests of honor.

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