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All my projects are driven by human interest. I am curious about how different people look at and think about the world. Lately I've switched from curating art shows to documentary film production.
I also do projects between art and film.

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This is what I am doing right now:

-Research for a documentary about the last Soviet rock star who made the Perestroika happen.
-Organizing City One Minutes video-making workshops for young artists - in Russia
-Research/production for the documentary TV series “From Moscow to Magadan” (VPRO)
-Production of Norilsk- a poetic documentary about an industrial town in North Siberia
-My hobby project: gossip blog Kompromat (lots of fun, but no time for it lately)

This is what I did before:

I studied linguistics in St.Petersburg and cultural management in Moscow, Russia. Did my first art project in 2001- a public art festival in St.Petersburg in collaboration with National Centre for Contemporary Art. It was sponsored by Norilsk Nickel.

In 2003, I moved to Amsterdam. Emigration brought a lot of new experiences with it. I started to work a lot with foreigners - artists and non-artists. With a group of friends I ran East Area - a non-profit artists’ initiative and a hangout for Eastern Europeans in Amsterdam. I collaborated with visual artist Irina Birger on Inhalexhale- a web-based gallery for contemporary art, fashion and sound. Together with Irina, I curated
the Gastarbeider Dating project at Mediamatic.

My other curatorial efforts include the live programme at Amsterdam Film Experience festival and the Motherland project at Kunstvlaai'6 and at the Photo Gathering in Aleppo, Syria. I assisted Stichting ThankEve with development and production of 2 documentaries and a short film InsideOutside.

And this is what I want to do:

Visit as many places in the world as possible in a film crew bus. Meet as many people as possible.
Produce more experimental films and installations.
Open a Russian place in Amsterdam again and hang out there with my friends. Have a lot of kids.

Dreams are important element of my life.

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