Andrea Crews opening performance

Dress up and walk the catwalk

18 Jul 2008
18 Jul 2008

This night was a night of fashion, art, activism and performance with artists, stylists, video directors, DJ's, happenings and video clips by Andrea Crews .... at the opening of Me! Me! Me! Fashion.


Uitnodiging Opening Performance -


In the huge showcases in front of the Mediamatic BANK models were comfortably drinking champagne on top of vintage clothing. Inside visitors came across an even bigger pile of vintage clothing; with almost 5 thousand kilos of clothes the pile could be named Mount Vintage. Next to it, there's a catwalk and a row of cool sowing machines with some cool girls behind them.

During this night anyone could choose two pieces of clothing and let them be restyled by the Andrea Crews Collection!

There was music, there was a fashion show (anyone could join in to show their new outfits) and slowly but surely this performance turned into a giant changing party.

Check out the videos underneath for an impression of the evening.

By Iskander, found at Youtube

Videobooth images, taken from Youtube.