Authentic-Design Art Stage

solo at danswerkplaats amsterdam in 2001
choreography and dance: nicola hepp
glass objects: jelena popadic
music: jurriaan balhuizen
concept in collaboration with elle kunnos

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Jelena Sonja Popadic-Artist Designer Lecturer.


Tara-Throne - I hear sounds that are verbally indescribable . I record them and map them down on the surface of the gas shapes using sandblasting technique. This is Tara-Throne in the making process. Free blown studio glass, color underlay , sandblasted.

Short Dance Film
Collaboration of Artists
Equilibrium is a short dance film performed by the spectacular freestyle skater Marco Gerris. At the edge of the harbor of Amsterdam where an old factory building, a 19th century iron crane and a new bridge intersect along the water, a young man performs a skate dance. He depicts in three different dance parts, three stages of a man's life: liveliness at sunrise, strength at mid-day and equilibrium at twilight. His journey begins at dawn. A young boy and an old man, who arrive mysteriously and disappear into the darkness over the bridge at nightfall, accompany him. The dance combines spectacular skating with poetic imagery. A quest for freedom.
Marco Gerris is the Netherlands' Freestyle Skating Champion and mastermind behind the skate musical ISH, bringing music, theatre, dance and skating together in one remarkable high-energy mix. As a choreographer and filmmaker, Ruth Meyer has created a number of theatrical dance performances and films in which dancers are confronted with unusual locations and movement situations, such as a glacier (Breath Chrystal) and sand dunes (Zenith).
Director Ruth Meyer
Choreography Marco Gerris/ Ruth Meyer
Skate dancer Marco Gerris
Camera Peter Brugman, Peter Lataster
Editor Gys Zevenbergen
Composer Harry de Wit
Visual art/ glassinstalation: Jelena Popadic
Line producer Simone van den Broek
Producer Carmen Cobos, Ryninks Films BV
This film was made possible with the support of the Dutch Film Fund and Amsterdam Art Foundation.
© 2002 RYNINKS HOLDING-Ryninks Films
Cobos Films 1017 ZS Amsterdam Netherlands

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Short film
(One day filming ,school assignment)
Netherlands TVand Film Academy,Amsterdam
Film director: Rosa Rut Boesten
Artist / Designer: Jelena Popadic
Production: Jordan van Ee
Production leader:Steven Rubinstein Malamud
Camera: Benjamin Sparschuh
Sound :Jordi Beukers
Musec:Aphex Twin-Rhubarb


Film & Animation

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