Kyra Claydon

Modan Garu


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...“The knife! What have you done, child?” Our attention is first drawn to the girl’s hand holding the knife and then to her face, which we try to interpret. It frightens us, but are we still frightened if we lose sight of the knife and focus only on her face? We cannot tell what is happening, although it seems clear. Kyra Claydon’s paintings are like snapshots: They could be part of a story, but they are as difficult for us to grasp as it would be to reconstruct an unfamiliar story from a single sentence. It would always be the „other affair“.(Nur eine andere). We tolerate open-ended stories only reluctantly of course, those we cannot quite make neither head nor tail of, and all too often we display the shallow tendency towards deep psychoanalysis. We want pictures that fi t into a story!
„Make it real“....Her paintings are not completely without context of course. It is just that to read this context is as lighthearted, yet as serious, as reading a text in which one sentence comes waltzing down a red carpet, while the next one pulls this carpet from under it with an ironic laugh...