Daria Perevezentsev, Deborah M. Kōdō

Hackers Camp Day 8

Today is the last day of Picnic. Willem Velthoven, director of Mediamatic Lab challenged Monique van Dusseldorp, one of the organizers of Picnic, for a run with the exciting ikRun installation. Unfortunately for Willem, Monique won!

Later this day Willem presented the freshly made Mediamatic Hackers Camp masterpieces at the conference.

To get a good idea how the atmosphere was at the Hackers Camp and PICNIC check out this video clip below, made by Matt Cottam and Jasper Speicher, creators of the very funny Breathalyzer.

Breathalyzer @ PICNIC, Amsterdam from Tellart on Vimeo

ikWiN project is a great success - IkWin by Mathias Forbach, Axel Roest en Simon Claessen. Daria Perevezentsev

One of the biggest hit of today was without a doubt the ikWin! It is so funny and exciting to watch and take part in this project. Especially if you could get your hands on a Bill Gates of Paris Hilton tag, you'll be the winner, without a doubt!

The Friend Drink Station was sold out after many people discovered this new way of networking...
V-Bird collapsed yesterday after suffering too many bugs and technical hick-ups, fortunately it did at least fly gloriously for one day.
A lot of attention for the Duck Race. The manoeuvrability of these little duckies was not so easily done, maybe if you are used to handle a Wii mode it woudl have been a bit easier! Breathylzer is a success, of course everybody wants to know how drunk they are.

No words needed for the Massage Couch this type of free relaxation is always a success.
The world of The Breedrs was by now very crowded. Many of the cute beasts were not so cute anymore, but turned into gigantic obese creatures. Nevertheless very nice to look at and even nicer if you discover your own creature to be one of the largest!

On the last day of PICNIC people tended to drink a little more, so to be confronted with the "you are drunk" message from the Breathalyzer was extra funny.