saron paz

One Thousand and One Nights

about objects people & stories

a story telling brainstorm


noam toran - desire managment - saron paz

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Opening :
post it
florian de visser
abner preis + Other performances.
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Messege in a bottle................

Ongoing :
-story store - proffesionals
-story store - workshop
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-an object without a story
- shadow puppetry theatre / isabella baudelaire
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significant objects
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objects from the CIA

- video :
Noam toran - desire managment
Guy Königstein - family stories
guy ben ner - moby dick

-photography :
taryn simon - An American Index of the Hidden and Unfamiliar
idan shilon - Rhizome
peter tonningsen - flotsam&jetsam
tim macpherson
hanoch piven -portraits
linda dong - simple science
lorena turner- made in china
brittny badger - disassembled appliances
A Taste of Home in Foil Packets and Powder

-books :
peter menzel - material world
tamar ettun - 365 objects
christien meindertsma - PIG 05049

conflict kitchen
edible tales

Special events
- ignight
- -a rube goldberg storytelling machine contest highlight !!!
- anneke jackbs - inkjet printer/sewing machine/camera
- improve everywhere - the mp3 experiements
- jan casper - a stop motion workshop
- Arthur de vries - dinner with tyrons ?

Movies -
The Princess Bride
Jim Henson's The Storyteller
waste land
The Rocky Horror Picture Show
Scent of Mystery

saint misbihavin - the wavy gravy movie

- finisage - spreading the word - stories to people, screening on walls of stopmotions, voicing records.CIA objects